Sunday, August 22, 2010


I lied. This post will be on GUIs, specifically how I plan to make them, at least at first.

The Bolo is useless without a way to give it detailed data--routes, target verification, etc.--and to receive data--maps, target info, etc.. A command prompt is going to be useless for this, since some of it is picture and video data. This means a graphic user interface is needed, to organize controls and displays so they can be used effectively. It also needs to be stand-alone--I can't be opening a programming IDE just to work with the Bolo for general purposes.

Until I find a decent system for building a reasonablt powerful interface in C++ or soemthing, a much more practical system will be needed. After looking a bit, I've decided to use Hypernext.

Those that grew up in the late 80s and early 90s might remember a program on the Macs of the age, Hypercard. Hypernext is the next generation, and is cross platform. So, "Mousebot," formerly "Frankenbot," and predecessor of the Mk I Bolo, will be using this for the computer interface and processing. It should be able to get fairly sophisticated, as it's tied in with REALBasic, an object oriented Basic language. So, I'll get to learn that too, and maybe the setup will be used for the first Bolos as well.

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